Monday, May 12, 2014


I enjoy listening to National Public Radio (NPR) when I have long drives.  I've set up my iPhone to download podcasts of several programs including "Radiolab" and "This American Life" as they tackle interesting topics in depth.

I came across a recent podcast called "Death and Taxes" and HAD to post a link to it from my blog.  I have an older post from my own blog on dying that triggered a lot of really deep conversations in my own clinic and from several readers who reached out to me afterward. 

The NPR podcast starts out with a 3-4 minute introduction on "inevitability" which doesn't really fit well with the rest of the podcast, but the next 40 minutes are sensational.  While the topic isn't the easiest to encounter, I would encourage any readers of my blog to listen to the 40 minute podcast.  It is really good.  Click on the orange button "Launch Player"