WVCI Open Studies

At WVCI we are proud to offer one of the largest assortments of clinical trials available to patients with CLL and NHL. Patients interested in study participation should contact Jeanne Schaffer at 541.741.3451 for more information

CLL specific studies

Ibrutinib +/- Ublituximab in previously treated high risk CLL (17P/11Q/TP53 mutations)

Bendamustine in combination with gazyva (obinutuzumab) for untreated CLL

Coming Soon: ACP-196 (BTK) in combination gazyva (obinutuzumab) in untreated CLL

CLL or NHL eligible

Oral Syk Kinase inhibitor GS-9973 in relapsed CLL or NHL

ACP-196 (BTK) in combination with ACP-319 (PI3K)

ACP-196 (BTK) in combination with PD1 inhibitor - pembrolizumab

NHL specific studies

Revlimid and rituximab in relapsed indolent and mantle cell lymphoma

CD79-Antibody drug conjugate in combination with R-CHP

Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Brentuximab in front line treatment of Hodgkin's Lymphoma in patients greater than age 60

ABVD versus AVD-Brentuximab in front line stage III/IV Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Many of these studies may be open elsewhere in the country. Please check the US Oncology Research webpage for lymphoma or CLL studies to see if there is a location closer to you.