CLL / NHL Doctors

I serve as a leader for a national research organization (US Oncology) where I direct the CLL/NHL efforts of our group.  That bring me into contact with a ton of docs throughout the US that I think rise above the normal level of expertise for CLL/NHL both in community practice, academic institutions, and non-US Oncology related practices.

I  wanted to compile a list of docs that I endorse.  The criteria for getting on the list include 1) I've personally met or worked with them on a research project  2)  They have to have a specific disease interest in CLL/NHL beyond just the occasional patient that comes into their clinic.  3) I could feel comfortable telling a friend that if they lived close to this doc - I would endorse them for their care.  In a few cases that left me with some areas where I didn't have a good doc to recommend.  In such cases, I allowed academic reputation alone serve as one last benchmark for making it onto the list.

That criteria means the list isn't a complete list.  Some of the big names out there don't need me to vouch for them - so if they are not here - it is just because I tried to focus on docs I know first hand.  One other limitation was that I had not idea how long this would take to compile.  I sort of ran out of steam and could not pull up every academic medical center faculty list to see who I was forgetting.

Don't use this as a mandate to change from your current situation if you are happy with who is taking care of you - in some cases this is more about finding some hidden gems.  The level of expertise ranges from private practice docs who try to carve out CLL/NHL as a subspecialty within a general oncology practice to the world thought leaders for the diseases.  No matter what though - everyone here has a specific disease interest that rises above the background.

Hopefully this can serve as a good guide for patients looking for a doc in their local area.  Some of these are "hidden gems" others need no introduction.  Feel free to cross check with a list put out by the "Lymphomation" group which I think does a great job for NHL and ACOR list for CLL 

Finally, it is worth noting that many of the university affiliated docs may only see CLL OR NHL but not both.  Check before you book an appointment with them.

Huntsville - Marshall Schreeder

Tucson / Nogales - Michael Boxer
Phoenix - Mayo group always good

San Diego - Tom Kipps (CLL)
San Fernando - Peter Rosen
UCLA - Sven De Vos
Santa Barbara - Dan Greenwald
Irvine - Susan O'Brien
UC Davis - Joe Tuscano
Stanford - Ranjana Advani (NHL)
Stanford - Steve Coutre (CLL)
Stanford - Ron Levy  (NHL)
Stanford - Ash Alizadeh (NHL)
Stanford -  Tait Shanafelt
UCSF - Wei Ai
UCSF - Andreadis Charalambos

Boulder - David Andorsky
Boulder - Les Busby
Aurora - John Burke
Aurora - Nick DiBella
Denver - Robert Rifkin

Orange Park - Mehdi Moezi
Miami - Izidore Lossos
Jacksonville - Asher Chanan-Khan

Atlanta - Christopher Flowers

Niles - Leonard Klein
Chicago - Sonali Smith
Chicago - Stephanie Gregory
Chicago - Steven Rosen
Evanston - David Grinblat

Indianapolis - Larry Cripe

Wichita - Christopher Dakhil

Baltimore - Richard Ambinder
Bethesda - Wyndham Wilson

Boston - Jennifer Brown (CLL)
Boston - Matthew Davids (CLL)
Boston - Arnold Freedman 
Boston - Anne LaCasse
Boston - Margaret Shipp
Boston - Jeremy Abramson (MGH/NHL)

Ann Arbor - Harry Erba
Ann Arbor - Mark Kaminski

Minneapolis - Patrick Flynn
Minneapolis - Michaella Tsai
Rochester - Neil Kay

St. Louis - Nancy Bartlett
St. Louis - Brad Kahl

Omaha - Julie Vose
Omaha - James Armitage

Las Vegas - Ed Kingsley
Las Vegas - John Sweetenham

New Jersey
Morristown - Charles Farber
Morristown - Steven Papish
Hackensack - Andre Goy

New York
Albany - Ira Zackon
Albany - Larry Garbo
Buffalo - Myron Czuczman
MSK - Steven Horwitz (NHL)
MSK - Andrew Zelnetz
MSK - Anthony Mato
Columbia - Nicole Lamana (CLL)
Cornell - Richard Furman
Cornell - John Leonard
New Hyde Park - Kanti Rai (The godfather of CLL)
New Hyde Park - Jacqueline Barrientos
Rochester - Jonathan Friedberg

North Carolina
Duke - Danielle Brander (CLL)
Charlotte - Ryan Jacobs 

Columbus - John Byrd
Columbus - Joseph Flynn
Columbus - Michael Grever

Eugene - Me
Eugene - Christopher Yasenchak
OHSU - Steven Spurgeon (CLL)
OHSU - Andy Chen (NHL)
OHSU - Alexy Danilov
Vancouver - Kate Kolibaba

Hershey - Elliot Epner
Philadephia - Mark Weiss

South Carolina
Greenville - Suzanne Fanning

Nashville - Ian Flinn

Amarillo - Lim Seah
Austin - Beth Hellerstedt
Austin - Jason Melear
Dallas - Yair Levy
Dallas - Chris Maisel
Dallas - Kristi McIntyre
Dallas - Alan Miller
Dallas - Dilip Solanki
Ft. Worth - Robert Ruxer
Medical City - Barry Brooks
Medical City - Steve Perkins
MDA - William Wierda
MDA - Michael Keating
MDA - Jan Burger
MDA - Nathan Fowler
MDA - Anas Younes
Midland - Ashutosh Rastogi
San Antonio - Roger Lyons
San Antonio - David Gordon
Tyler - Habte Yimer

Salt Lake City - Martha Glenn

Burlington - Barbara Grant

Christianberg - Jerome Goldschmidt
Fairfax - Dipti Patel-Donnelly
Roanoke - Lowell Inhorn
D.C. - Bruce Chesson

Spokane - Hakan Kaya
Spokane - Ndegwa Njugana
Seattle - John Pagel
Seattle - David Malone
Seattle - Fred Applebaum
Vancouver - Kate Kolibaba