Thursday, April 13, 2017

Research Plug!

Hey there everyone,

Hope is a super powerful medicine - for both patients and their doctors.  I am an advocate of clinical trials because in the 9 years I've been at WVCI - I've seen firsthand how research changes lives and the diseases we have been treating.  I've had the blessing to be involved with ibrutinib, idelalisib, obinutuzumab since the very beginning and many more drugs - some of which we will be routinely using soon.

My research group put together this video and it packs a punch in 3 minutes.  I hope you are all energized to go out there and talk to your providers about research options that might be right for you.

Thanks for watching

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  1. As a 15-+-years Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) patient who has participated in a clinical trial under Dr. Sharman's wise guidance, I can attest to the bright hope that the results of some trials offer. What has already changed for me is a shift in the baseline of expectations from "hope" to "of course this is going to work." But of course there are cautions that somewhat dampen that shift. For example, the newly approved drug I am now on, while working very well after the trial drug stopped working, has caused some side effects, and as Dr.Sharman cautions, these new drugs have not been on the market long enough to know what all of the side effects might be in the long run, or the potential severity of these side effects. Still, I appreciate the ongoing efforts, finding for myself that the benefits far outweigh the risks.


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