Wednesday, December 7, 2016

ASH 2016 with Patient Power

Just back from ASH 2016.  Plenty of interesting things to discuss.  I did a sit down visit with Andrew Schorr of PatientPower where we filmed this 45 minute discussion of relevant topics in CLL.  We were joined by some great docs from MD Anderson and Cambridge Hospital in England.

I am dismayed about my inability to get much blogging done recently.  The good news is that the research side of my career has been soaking up all my free time, but it has left me little time for the blog posts which take me several hours each.

I have a few things I hope to put up if I can get around to it, but thought this video might be useful to folks.  We talk about the role of molecular testing, treatment goals, ibrutinib dosing and other relevant new findings.  I hope you enjoy the video.

As always, you can leave a comment by clicking on the post title and then scrolling to the bottom.  Thanks for watching