Monday, April 11, 2016

Venetoclax approved

Venetoclax has been approved!!!

Horray, just came out of a patients room and told her this would be approved by the next time I saw her.  I guess I was wrong, it was already approved!

This is a fantastic drug and one of the most effective agents ever in CLL.  See the press release (click here).  Several years ago, I wrote about BCL-2 as a target (click here)

I have written about tumor lysis previously (click here) and it is worth a read.

This drug is currently approved for patients with relapsed CLL that has 17P deletion - but like ibrutinib will become more and more available as new clinical trials read out.

More later if I can find time to post


  1. Find the time! Thoughts on Combinations, which drug first etc.?

  2. Hey Doc, would love to see a post comparing Venetoclax to Imbruvica for us if you can. Details of the differences and response rate comparisons would really be awesome for us non medical folks.

  3. Great news!!! I really hope you can find time to post more about it


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