Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Frontline video

Some time ago, I wrote a blog post about dying (link here).  It was an in depth reflection about the choices I see people make when confronting disease that has escaped control.  While the post was well received and I got a lot of positive feedback, I recognize that I barely scratched the surface of a really important topic.

I would therefore like to continue to put up a variety of multimedia topics on the post that I think do a good job diving into a very difficult topic - because the topic is strangely taboo for many doctors and patients.

A while back, I added a podcast on hospice that I thought was especially good (link here)

Now Atul Gawande has put together a frontline video.  Not sure if you ever watch frontline - but it doesn't pull any punches.  Atul writes regularly for the New Yorker and really has a clear voice on many important topics.  The video is getting very favorable reviews - so I wanted to post a link to it from the blog.  Not necessarily a happy joyful topic, but a sober view to consider (link here).

In the meantime, we ARE making huge progress against CLL and NHL.  I am more excited about research than ever before.  I now find myself wondering if CLL or even follicular lymphoma might become curable cancers in the next ten years with emerging technologies.  Please know that there is a lot of plausible hope out there - just putting these links out there to expose something that doesn't get the attention it deserves.

Thanks for reading (and listening and viewing).

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  1. Doc with posts like that one you should have plenty of time for research. Very depressing.


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