Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lymphoma and Leukemia Society

I am a huge fan of the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society

I personally support their mission every year, I've done triathlon's for Team In Training (one of the ways they raise funds) and when I had more time, I served on their board of directors for the Oregon chapter.  I encourage everyone who reads this blog to find some way to get involved with them.

One of my wonderful patients has found a way to support them financially by hosting an annual BBQ / silent auction / etc.  Over several years he has raised close to $100,000 on behalf of LLS.

They made a video of him and his story.  I think it is really quite good.  Even though it is a call for support, his experience gives me great hope.  I think you will enjoy watching this four minute story.

Thanks for watching.  If having difficulty loading video, watch directly on YouTube by linking here.  (Seems Internet Explorer not working well, but Firefox loads well)