Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The doctor is out???

I've written several times about the harsh economic environment in which oncology practices are trying to survive.  Many of the people who debate health care reforms and policies have clearly never operated a private practice because the decisions they have made are completely destroying the infrastructure for cancer care in the United States.

This article spells out just how bad things are right now:

Cancer Clinic Closings And Consolidation: Ongoing Cuts To Care And Increasing Treatment Costs

In short:

The COA Impact Report reveals continued negative trending in the nation's cancer care delivery system.  During the past six years 1,338 clinics and practices have been impacted as follows:
  • 288 individual clinic sites closed
  • 407 practices are struggling financially
  • 43 practices sending all patients elsewhere for treatment
  • 469 practices have entered into contractual relationship or have been acquired by a hospital
  • 131 practices have merged or been acquired by an entity other than a hospital 
This all happened PRIOR to the sequester which accelerating the destruction (see prior post)

If you doc seems more stressed out than usual - or you can't get an appointment - this issue is very real and very important.  Thanks for your support and thanks for reading.