Thursday, May 16, 2013

Drug Costs - By State?

I already put up a post explaining why drugs cost so muchEssentially it has to do with an enormously expensive process of drug development, the high rate of drug failure, the frequency of the diagnosis, and good old fashion profit.

One out of four patients walks away from the pharmacy counter without their medications when they are told the co-payment is $500 or more.  For new CLL/NHL drugs (lenalidamide, ibrutinib, idelalisib, etc.) lots of people will be encountering that sort of bill. 

Under new health-care regulations the price you pay may vary considerably based upon the state you live in and the rules imposed upon insurers on account of their individual exchange policies.

Look for patients in California to find another reason to leave the state (like I did).  New York on the other hand looks pretty good.  Can't wait to see what states like Texas and Oregon do (on either end of the political spectrum).

Once again, the law of unintended consequences makes things harder on quite a few people.