Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How to read a flow cytometry or FISH report

This is a "webinar" presentation I gave to a number of research nurses on how to interpret clinical reports for flow cytometry, FISH, and cytogenetics and enter the test results into research "report forms."  These reports can be VERY confusing unless you are familiar looking at them and I often find docs often miss many of the subtle findings that can be buried in the fine print - so my presentation is really about the fundamentals.  If you are a patient confused by these reports, hopefully this may be useful to you. 

Although I touch on the prognostic information contained in these reports, it is primarily about how to understand the actual test results.  It is directed to an audience involved in a CLL research study but the nature of the material makes it useful for patients with NHL as well.

I would recommend skipping the first 3 minutes as webinars are a little clumsy and this one is no different.  I give some useless background info before launching into how to read CD19 / CD5 coexpression, trisomy 12 and so forth.