Friday, September 1, 2017

Seeing patients in Corvallis and points north

Dear Friends,

Blogging has become a hobby which my life has prevented me from accomplishing recently.  The good news is that I've been publishing a ton in CLL and NHL and keep working with our pharma partners to bring new therapies to patients with these diseases - the bad news is that life has gotten too busy to keep up the blogging which I really enjoy doing.

None the less, I am still trying to move the needle forward in CLL/NHL research and there are so many cool things going on, it is hard to inventory them all in one place.

I wanted to briefly post here to let you know that I am now seeing patients in Corvallis Oregon two days per month (second and fourth Thursday).  While I already have a pretty substantial population of patients who come to my clinic from Lynn/Benton and Multnomah counties, I am now a lot closer to you all.  For patients from these areas or other points north, I am happy to see you there instead of having you come all the way to Eugene.

If you would like to be seen, call my clinic 541-683-5001 and ask about being seen in Corvallis.

Secondly, I am participating in an upcoming "Town Hall" event with Patient Power on Sept 23 in Portland.  Info for the free event linked here (Sept 23 in Portland)

Jeff Sharman

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