Thursday, May 14, 2015

ASCO 2015 - NHL

OK, so yesterday I put up my choices for the best of CLL abstracts at ASCO.  Here is my list for NHL.  I have to say, it seems like a pretty thin selection.  I looked at all 320 abstracts with lymphoma in the title and this is the best I could do.  Only one big NHL phase three study that is really about getting Gazyva approved in indolent NHL - and we can't even see the data just yet.

I am deeply passionate about management of DLBCL in patients above age 70 and hope to see more pharma moving in this direction.  Seems stunningly foolish to me that fully HALF of all DLBCL cases are virtually ignored in terms of age appropriate therapy trials.

Anyhow, here is my list.  Feel free to use the comment section if you think I am missing something really important.

CAR-T therapy in NHL - yet another entity out there that could be called a "game changer" Durability of responses in DLBCL to be key determinant of value

Novel endpoints in FL studies - technical paper about defining a variable you can actually measure in real time to figure out if you are on right track with new approach

R2-CHOP in DLBCL - trial in progress, but I have hopes this will be legitimate change to standard of care.  No data yet.  Fingers crossed.  Going to be a while before this reads out…. like several years.  Watch for R-CHOP vs G-CHOP to be first phase III DLBCL study to challenge status quo.

Impact of weight an obesity on rituximab dosing - American love for cheeseburgers killing us with lymphoma

Molecular changes in BCR correlate with ABC vs GCB in DLBCL - nerdy article, but I like it

DLBCL in the elderly - the greatest unmet medical need in lymphoid cancers

More on elderly DLBCL - median age 70, yet such patients rarely on prospective trials

Yet more on elderly DLBCL - any drug company with NHL drug is foolish to ignore the opportunity here

Bendamustine +/- Gazyva in rituximab refractory - big phase III study.  May prompt FDA.  Curious to see the data.  We have a press release linked here.  Keep in mind, trials to get approval can be very different than trials to change the way we practice.

Idelalisib in Waldenstroms - didn't make the FDA label, but still active.

Clearing the junk in amyloid - ok not normally a NHL disease symptom, but this is just too cool

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